Issue 21: Innovation and Creativity in Tough Budgetary Times


Innovation and Creativity in Tough Budgetary Times
By Edward J. Shenk, Ed.D.

Our editor outlines the articles that help to illuminate efforts to respond creatively in these tight economic times. In our main section, the writers provide a variety of approaches to providing service to our students...


Risk Management and Employee Benefits Administration Technology: Solutions for a Time of Budget Pressure
By Tim Keenan

Facing budget pressures and the need to limit staff and resources for many administrative and compliance requirements involving insurance, risk management and employee benefits, community colleges are looking for solutions...

Theme: Tough Budgetary Times

Budget Crisis! A Team Approach on How NOT to Become a Casualty
y Erin Curtis
Erin Curtis captures the comments offered at a Budget Workshop by a panel of trusted colleagues and experts on what colleges can do to address the current budget dilemma...

Promising Practices in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Collaboration
By Jose Michel, Ed.D.

With the uncertainty of the economic crisis and accompanying surge in enrollments facing California’s community colleges, educators are faced with the difficult prospects of reducing or eliminating services to the neediest of our student populations... 

Access and Integration: Meeting the Technological Needs of Our Students
By Quincy Martin III and Deborah Baness King

 In this article, Quincy Martin III  and Deborah Baness King discuss the challenges of student access to technology and explain how two deans came together to provide access to technology for students with limited financial resources...

General Interest

Challenges Faced by Former Foster Youth in California
By Elisa Rassen

Approximately 4,000 foster youth age out of the foster care system every year in California. These young people represent one of the state’s most vulnerable youth populations.  Facing numerous economic and social barriers...

POD Drive-Through Flu Clinics at College of the Canyons
By Beverly Kemmerling

Being prepared for threats to community health is of national concern in an era of possible bioterrorism and pandemic influenza. Community colleges are in a good position to be part of the community’s public health response to such threats...

The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students and the Formation of a National Association on Transfer
By Bonita C. Jacobs, Ph.D.

The author provides information on the creation of a new association to help serve as a clearinghouse on transfer research and study... 

End Note

Exploring Opportunities during Difficult Budgetary Times:  A Conversation
By Celia Esposito-Noy & Denise Noldon

This article is a change from our normal format:  a discussion of today’s challenges in budgeting and student service adjustments by two colleagues—Celia Esposito-Noy and Denise Noldon...


Staff Development Calendar
The key staff development dates for the spring, 2009 portion of the 2008-09 academic year include CSSO meeting dates and NASPA and ACCCA annual conferences...