A Message from the CCCCSSAA Board President

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The incoming CCCCSSAA Board President shares an update on the organization’s focus and plans for 2009-10. CCCCSSAA is the parent organization for the iJournal and the sponsor of this edition.


As the new Board President for the CCCCSSAA, I want to welcome you to, or thank you for returning to the iJournal. I don’t need to tell you that times are tough for public education in California as well as the nation, and for nearly every other sector of the state. As student services professionals we tend to respond quickly in times of crisis maintaining our primary focus on students and the services that are essential to their well-being. In times of crisis we may forget the importance of professional development and support for ourselves and our colleagues. The CCCCSSAA Board members would like to remind you that our organization’s goals of advocacy and support are not solely for students but for Chief Student Services Officers and all student services personnel. The Board understands that this year more than ever, we need to be available to our colleagues, to extend support, to advocate for effective programs and services, and we need to take an honest look at how we provide leadership to statewide efforts. 
At the board retreat in June, we welcomed new regional representatives, reviewed our budget, constitution, and bylaws, assessed our progress on the 2008-2009 association goals, and recommended goals for 2009-2010. As an association, we felt it was important to assess our effectiveness as an organization and determine if we met our previous year’s goals. I am pleased to say that we made significant progress on several goals and successfully completed many others.  Serving on committees, providing input at Consultation Council, and being the voice of student services is demanding work and can be best accomplished when many participate. So, consider this an invitation to exercise your leadership skills at a statewide level, to participate in regional workshops and leadership institutes, serve as a mentor to a new CSSO, or be mentored. Your association will keep you informed, survey the field regarding issues and interests, and provide leadership on the issues that impact our colleges, our students, and our profession. 
On behalf of the Board, we wish you well and hope you will continue to include the iJournal as part of your ongoing professional development