Issue 22: Reflections on the Changing Times


In this edition, the authors reflect on ways to survive in these tough budgetary times via community, collaboration and creativity. There are also articles addressing basic skills and assessment practices to be recommended to the California Community College Board of Governors along with a section on Staff Development. The sponsor for this edition is the parent organization for the iJournal, the California Community Colleges Chief Student Services Administrators Association (4C2S2A).




A Message from the California Community Colleges Chief Student Services Administrators Association (CCCCSSAA) Board President

by Celia Esposito-Noy

The incoming CCCCSSAA Board President shares an update on the organization’s focus and plans for 2009-10. CCCCSSAA is the parent organization for the iJournal and the sponsor for this edition.


Theme:Reflections on the Changing Times


Enduring Good and Bad Budget Times Through Collaboration

by Dr. Francisco Arce and Dr. Jeanie Nishime

Can instruction and student services collaborate on cuts to the budget without turf wars? The Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs and Student Services at El Camino College have found that collaborating and building a trusting relationship with each other is the key to mitigatating the impact of tough budgetary decisions. 

Creating Community 

by Dr. Gwen Plano

In Creating Community, the author articulates an approach to building community on campus that returns us to our roots. She suggests that by taking this journey, we have the possibility of reconnecting to that which is most important to us. From this vantage point, we suggests that we will be better able to consider prospects for addressing the current challenges.   

Even small budgets can make room for college tuition

by Tawan Perry

Finding the funds to attend college is always challenging. However, during these tough budgetary times, it can be even more difficult. In this article, the author details a variety of ways to attend college with a little effort and a lot of desire.


General Interest


Ensuring Student Access and Enhancing Student Success

by Deborah DiThomas

In this article, the author discusses the work of the Strategic Plan Assessment and Placement Action Planning Group (APG) for the California Community Colleges which aims to ensure equal educational opportunity for all Californians. The recommendations from this group will be presented to the Board of Governors at their July, 2009 meeting.

Basic Skills Students: A Closer Look

by Daniel Martinez, PhD

The Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) is a movement occurring throughout the state to help students be more successful. A part of the BSI is the establishment of baseline measures to help a college gauge its success over time. However, the development of these baseline measures for the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) prompted some questions not asked as part of the baseline measures. How are basic skills students identified? How many students recommended into basic skills actually enroll in basic skills? If a student is recommended for basic skills but does not enroll in basic skills, what do they take and perhaps more importantly, how do they do? These questions are investigated in this report and several recommendations are offered to help investigate this important issue in more depth.


Staff Development Calendar

Compiled By Ed Shenk

Some of the key staff development dates for the 2009-10 academic year are listed. Even as budgets constrict, it is still important to join colleagues so one can learn of new practices and approaches to help weather this time of economic stress.