NASPA Annual National Conference

Event Date: 
Sat, 2011-03-12 - Wed, 2011-03-16

NASPA Annual National Conference, Philadelphia, PA. For more info, go to
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Call for Programs
The 2011 NASPA Annual Conference convenes in the city of Philadelphia, whose founding legacy of enacted courage and wisdom continues to inspire at a time when the need for leadership on our campuses, in this country, and in the world has never been so compelling.
The 2011 NASPA Annual Conference theme addresses these challenges by inviting and engaging the individual and collective exploration of Educating for Lives of Purpose:
What does it ultimately mean to live with purpose?
What is the student affairs profession's responsibility and role in ensuring students are prepared for lives of purpose?
what programs and practices -- on our campuses and beyond -- are proving to be effective in helping students grow in their sense of self?
How do we best help students develop their sense of responsibility for others?
How do we prepare students for disciplinary excellence, a successful career, and a meaningful life?
What is needed to be a change agent in our time?
How can we help students find a sense of calling in their lives?
How might I renew my own passion and commitment?
The 2011 NASPA Annual Conference Committee encourages you to submit program proposals for pre-conference workshops, roundtables, poster sessions, and general interest sessions that will inspire conference attendees to educate -- and be educated -- for lives of purpose!

Detailed Call for Programs and Submission Criteria
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Submission Deadline: September 3, 2010